Classes encourage children to develop body awareness through movement and dance using a variety of different props, equipment and fantastic music. We aim to develop the children’s listening skills and self-control in a relaxed and caring atmosphere.

It is with such research in mind that Kids2Dance classes have been created. Your child will have plenty of opportunity to explore the wonderful world of dance and movement, through the use of fun songs and props for their added enjoyment.

Our well structured and professionally delivered classes can help your child’s individual physical, emotional, social and cognitive development, giving them a head start in their educational journey. Using the national strategies we incorporate educational development within each session we run whether it is number, letter and sounds or simply following instructions. At Kids2Dance we are proud and passionate to meet each baby or child at their individual point of need.

There are so many benefits to introducing your child to the Adventurous Toddlers class at Kids2Dance. Dance and movement can help children develop their literacy skills. For the very young child, verbal language and movement are entwined. For example, the road to fluent verbal communication involves the translation of movement, expression andnon verbal communication into words. Learning language and learning dance are not separate components, but are bonded together and incorporated into a partnership of communication and understanding.

At Kids2Dance individuality is encouraged and celebrated.